Lecture Styles

Pre-Recorded Studio Lecture

Our primary lecture capture method uses a podium and teleprompter setup to allow faculty to lecture directly to the camera, increasing engagement with viewers. We can also incorporate other media like YouTube videos or graphics into the presentation.


Live Classroom Lecture

When pre-recording in the studio isn’t an option due to time or other constraints, we have several classrooms equipped with recording equipment that can capture audio, video, and lecture content in real time.


Big Blue Button Virtual Lecture

When meeting in person isn’t a viable option, Big Blue Button provides a way to connect and collaborate virtually, allowing faculty and guest lecturers to engage with students through webcam, phone, or text chat.


Active Learning Session

In the “flipped classroom” model, students read textbook materials and watch lectures at home and engage in active, group-oriented discussions and exercises during class time. Our Gainesville, Orlando, and Jacksonville classes connect via video conference from state-of-the-art classrooms so all students can interact face-to-face with faculty and each other in real time.