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NOTE: Please email when you have recorded and uploaded a video so we can ensure the it gets captioned if necessary and embedded in the correct course.

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Webcam Recording Best Practices

For Video

Silhouette showing medium framing

Angle your webcam so that you take up the majority of the frame with minimal space above your head.

  • Avoid backlighting (i.e. windows or lights behind you).
  • Frame your shot close and tight versus wide and far.
  • To create smaller file sizes that look better once compressed online keep the webcam stationary.
  • Look directly at the webcam as much as possible to address your viewers, not at your computer screen.

For Audio

  • Use a quiet room (no A/C, fans, traffic, and avoid rooms with a lot of echo typically caused by tile, cement, hardwood, etc.).
  • In your audio settings make sure you have your desired device/microphone selected (sometimes software defaults to a computer’s inferior built-in mic) and adjust the input level to avoid distortion caused by too much volume.
  • Be as close to your mic as possible and try to maintain the same distance throughout, talk toward it at all times, and try to be consistent with how loud you talk  – for best results use a headset mic or dynamic mic that is more focused (reduced background noise).

For more specific questions about setting up your audio/video on your computer, contact