PowerPoint Lecture Templates

Slide preparation is a very important part of delivering a successful presentation. This is the crucial foundation and you should dedicate as much time to it as possible avoiding short-cuts. Not only will good slide preparation ensure that you have thought carefully about the messages that you want to communicate in you presentation but it will also help minimize distractions for the learners.

COP Templates – Internal Teaching

Studio Recording

NOTE: Required for all studio productions in COP teaching assignments

This template is a ratio of 16:9 and has a grey UF logo in the top-right corner that must remain un-obstructed for videos being recorded in the College of Pharmacy video studios. This grey UF logo is where the video of the presenter will be shown, so please fit your slide content around it. See this video example for a demonstration of the PowerPoint template being used in a studio recording.


Classroom Presentations

NOTE: For use in non-studio curriculum activities such as Active Learning Sessions

These are PowerPoint template options you should use for COP teaching or curricular activities such as active learning discussions, or other events delivered to our COP students in a standard classroom environment or through video conferencing.

16:9 Format (Widescreen)


4:3 Format (Legacy)


COP Templates – External Presentations

NOTE: Not permitted for use in COP teaching assignments

These are PowerPoint template options you should use for any presentation you give when representing the University of Florida College of Pharmacy at a conference or an event. If you are creating a new PPT template, open one of the files below and begin building you slides. If you are reusing an existing PPT and want to convert it to one of the new templates, please follow the instructions below.

Converting an old PPT to a new template

  1. Select and download your preferred PowerPoint template from the options above. Be sure to save the PowerPoint template file to your computer’s desktop.
  2. Open that template by double clicking on it from your desktop. Once open, DON’T click on the “New Slide” icon! Instead, click below the button on the small arrow next to the text label reading “New Slide.”
  3. You will then see a thumbnail image of all of the slide masters available in the template; at the very bottom, select “Reuse Slides.”
  4. A Reuse Slides box will open on the right of your main PowerPoint screen.
  5. In the Reuse Slides box, click the “Browse” button and then select “Browse File.”
  6. Locate the older PowerPoint presentation to be converted and click the “Open” button. A thumbnail image of all of your original slides will appear in the Reuse Slides box.
  7. Use the right click of your mouse on any one of the original slide thumbnails and select “Insert All Slides.”
  8. Your original slides will be updated appearing as new slide pages in the new PowerPoint presentation template.
  9. Most standard text slides will convert automatically to the new format. More complex slides may need minor adjustments to follow the new format. Use the “Layout” button to select a different slide master for individual slides.
  10. Save and name your new PowerPoint presentation.