Recording Styles

There are a range of formats we can use based on what method best fits your teaching strengths, subject matter and time constraints. Below you will find examples of the various media production styles that are available to create content for your course.

View: Studio Lecture | Green Screen | On-Location | Interview & Discussion | Self-Recorded | Classroom Recording

Studio Lecture

Our primary lecture capture method uses a podium and teleprompter setup to allow faculty to lecture directly to the camera, for user engagement. We can also incorporate other media like videos or graphics into the presentation.

Green Screen

For certain material, recording with a green screen may be used to provide a more immersive teaching and viewing experience.

On-Location Shoot

Shooting in the field is a great option for demonstrations, training videos and location-specific information. Our mobile recording setup ensures proper lighting and crisp audio.

Interview and Discussion

Our studio can be reconfigured to record interviews or panel discussions with subject matter experts.

Self-Recorded Lecture

Faculty members at distance campuses and guest lecturers may not be able to come to the studio, so we encourage them to record lectures from their homes or offices with Kaltura’s easy to use CaptureSpace software.

Classroom Recording

When pre-recording in the studio isn’t an option due to time or other constraints, we have several classrooms equipped with recording equipment that can capture audio, video and lecture content in real time