Webcam Recording Best Practices

If you’re unable to make it to our studio, you can record lectures from your home or office computer using your webcam and Kaltura Personal Capture. Follow these simple tips and tricks to produce the highest-quality recording possible.

For video

Lighting Issues

Avoid Backlighting (i.e. windows or lights behind you) that could cause lighting issues in the video.

for video


Frame your shot close and tight versus wide and far to avoid any distractions in the frame.

for video

Webcam Movement

Create smaller sizes that look better for compression by keeping the webcam stationary.

for video

Eye Contact

Look directly at the webcam while addressing your viewers, not your computer screen.

DO: Position yourself in the middle of the frame with just a little headroom.
DON’T: Have too much space above you.

For Audio

Silence is Golden

Use a quiet room (no loud A/C, fans, traffic, or other people, and avoid rooms with a lot of echo typically caused by tiled floors, cement, hardwood, etc.) to avoid audio issues.

For Audio

Audio Levels

Make sure you have your desired device/microphone selected (typically programs default to the built-in mic) and adjust the input level to avoid distortion caused by too much volume.

For Audio

Talk into the Mic

Be as close to your mic as possible, maintaining that distance throughout, talk toward the mic, and try to be consistent with your volume. For best results use a headset or dynamic mic that helps reduce extra noise.