Video Reuse Request Form

The college has established a process for reviewing reuse of videos to maintain high quality course content as well as positive student perceptions about the quality of their learning.

Video Reuse Policy

All recorded lectures that are eligible for reuse will be imported by the video production team each semester.

Eligibility of a lecture will be determined by the date they were recorded and if the lecture has been reused before. Eligible lectures should be recorded within a year it was originally used.

Please note that you will not have to submit a request for reuse for eligible lectures.

Faculty who wish to repurpose lectures not eligible according to the reuse policy should use the Video Reuse Request form below. This form should be used for emergency requests only.

Once you submit the request, the Dean of Curriculum will need to review to determine if the lecture is eligible as sometimes new guidelines, drugs, etc come out which could cause conflict when reusing.

Video Reuse Form