Video Reuse Request Form

The college has established a process for reviewing reuse of videos to maintain high quality course content as well as positive student perceptions about the quality of their learning.

Video Reuse Policy

Recorded lecture videos may be reused (repurposed) one time in either of the following situations:

  1. Rerecording is not feasible secondary to faculty unavailability because of an urgent situation (e.g., illness or family emergency) OR
  2. Video consists of “reusable content.” Reusable content exhibits the all of following attributes:
    • All content refers to foundational knowledge, therapy and practice approaches that are current (e.g, supported by current guidelines, current laws/practice standards, current literature, etc.)
    • The content shows websites, diagrams, etc. that are accurate with respect to current literature/guidelines.
    • Explanations of mechanisms of action, rationale, etc. are supported by current research.
    • The video does not show discussions with audience/students about activities that date the presentation (e.g., reference to a sports or College event)
    • The video/slides do not cite date(s) that reveal(s) when initial taping occurred.
    • The quality of the video is consistent with COP current video-captioning quality. (Note: When it is anticipated that content has the potential to be “re-usable,” it is recommended that instructors record these presentations in a studio setting so they are of high quality.)
    • The content is wholly owned, copyrighted or licensed by the UF College of Pharmacy and its Faculty (If content is from an external source, documentation has already been provided to the Ed Tech team noting that COP has permission to provide it to students digitally.)

Faculty who wish to repurpose lectures should do so using the Video Reuse Request form below.

Video Reuse Form