CAM Room Capabilities

HPNP 1320 is now the Collaboration and Multimedia (CAM) Room! This room has several functionalities, detailed below. Each of these options is available independently of the others and cannot be combined. Please specify technical needs in your reservation. You can reserve this room using our online scheduler.

Web Conferencing

  • Ideal for meetings where viewing and editing one document is necessary
  • Uses software like Big Blue Button, Adobe Connect, or Skype
  • You can connect remotely via personal computer or phone
  • You cannot connect via video conferencing machine or software (i.e., Cisco Polycom or Jabber)
  • Everyone joining the meeting in person should bring their own device to view the content

Video Conferencing

  • Everyone must have a Cisco Jabber account or access to a Cisco Polycom video conference machine to join
  • You can connect with Jabber without turning on your video
  • You cannot connect to a video conference meeting via phone or web conferencing software
  • Not ideal for collaborative sharing of content

Small Scale Class Meetings

  • Meetings of up to 25 students
  • Live lecture recordings
  • Video conference capable

General Meeting Space

  • Used as a conference room with no technical requirements or needs