Video Production Services

The College of Pharmacy’s Video Production Services provides multimedia support for faculty within the college. With a team of videographers, producers and IT specialists, we create and maintain educational content for online delivery. Our team of experts are responsible for creating custom content, lecture captures, studio recordings and location videos.

Popular Resources

Kaltura Personal Capture User Guide

Kaltura Personal Capture allows you to record quality lectures when you can’t make it to our studio in person. Recordings can be made anywhere you have a well-lit, quiet room with a webcam-enabled computer.

Kaltura Capture Controls

PowerPoint Lecture Template

Good slide preparation will show that you have thought carefully about the messages that you want to communicate in your presentation, as well as, help to minimize distractions for learners.

Powerpoint template

Preparing for Your Lecture

Filming in a studio environment allows us to capture your lecture with a professional level of audio and video clarity. Knowing what to expect on filming day will make the process a million times easier.

prep for studio lecture

CAM Room Capabilities

The Collaboration and Multimedia Room is here to serve to several functions. This space offers you everything from web and video conferencing, to a small scale class meeting and general meeting space.

laptop stock photo

Content made just for you

What we can do for you?

Check out our recording styles and see which best fits your own teaching style, subject matter and time constraints.

guy holding video camera

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For inquiries not regarding reservations or studio time, fill out the form below or call: 352-273-5555