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Please choose your preferred recording location below. You will be asked to log in with your GatorLink credentials to view that location’s calendar and make a reservation for an open time slot.

Please contact us with any questions or see our Locations page for more information.

Gainesville Locations


HPNP 1317 Studio

Used for most lecture and green screen recordings, the 1317 Studio is located in room 1317 of the HPNP Building. More Information

Green Screen with woman in lab coat presenting



the Collaboration and Multimedia (CAM) Room is designed primarily for faculty and staff to meet via web or video conferencing. It can also accommodate classes of 30 students or fewer.

filming of an actress

Creative Works

Hypercube Studio

Our Creative Works full production facility is located at 1115 NW 4th St. and available for any of your studio needs.

Creative Works

Orlando Location