Preparing for Your Lecture

Filming in a studio environment allows us to capture your lecture with a professional level of audio and video clarity.

However, there are also some unique challenges inherent in the experience. By knowing a bit about what to expect, you can be less focused on the video recording and more on the delivery of your lecture. Here a few things that may be helpful to consider – but don’t put too much thought, stress or worry into these.

prep for studio lecture
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Before You Arrive

  • Bring water.
  • Use 16×9 ratio PowerPoint slides (not 4×3). Slide templates can be found for internal teaching and external presentations.
  • Use bold, readable fonts that contrast with the background. Keep ADA requirements in mind.
  • Bring a copy of your PowerPoint presentation on a thumb drive.
  • Practice your presentation out loud.
  • Arrive about 5 minutes early for your appointment


There is no dress-code, but you should look your best and dress professionally.

Take a look at our studio style guide:


Bold Colors

Bold colors, and pure whites and blacks



Tight patterns, stripes, and polka dots


Reflective Items

Reflective clothing or jewelry


Wearing Green

(This typically apples to green screen recordings only)



A solid color garment with a neutral or subtle hue (e.g. grey, navy, olive )


Functional Pieces

Clothing that has a place for the microphone to clip-on to (e.g. a collared shirt)



An extra layer. The studio can be cold but warms up quickly under our lights.